How are you doing?


We are living a new reality now. Stay at home, essentials in short supply, retirement accounts getting hammered. New question: How are you dealing with the current situation? What are you doing with the free time? Anyone feeling a little creeping depression? Cabin fever?

Not a big change for Bill Cooper…

Daily life isn’t too much different for me and my wife.  I’ve been doing VO from my home studio fulltime since 2012, so I’m used to days where I don’t leave the house.  The biggest difference is knowing that I can’t just call up a friend and meet up for coffee or a beer. Wish I had bought stock in Zoom before the pandemic.  All our meetings now are in the virtual world.  We stocked up on a lot of frozen food before we locked ourselves down (and we did that WAY before the experts told us we needed to).  Lucky for use we have daughters who are younger (we’re both 65) who pick up the fruits and veggies and other miscellaneous items we might need.  IE: my son-in-law just made a liquor run for us!

Joe Collins takes it in stride…

Charlie.        To answer your question.   I’m being realistic about the situation, and am wearing a mask when I go out to the store and to buy gas.   I’m taking walks with my long-time friend, Kenny (friends since ’76, and my AA sponsor).   we walk about at least 6 feet apart, and don’t exchange any body fluids.   My wife is a school nurse, so she’s very concerned about the daily notices she gets from the school thru the CDC.  She and I have not visited her children, or our grandchildren now in almost 2 weeks.  My clients are all being affected by this, so my ad agency commissions I receive for handling their matters will be lower for the forseeable future.   I haven’t gotten any real depression yet, but I’m learning to be comfortable, spending so much time, hunkered down here at “the love palace”.   Hope all is well with you in Arizona.   Stay well, my friend. 

John Moore shares…


What am I doing with the extra time?

Reading my Bible.

We are cooking more often than usual. Consequently, eating healthier.

Planted the garden with potatoes and corn and two new apple trees in the front yard.

Catching up on reading the magazines we order but never seem to have enough time to read.

Trying to share and partake of humor on social media.

Hope you and your wife are well.

God Bless.


From Kate Bacon…

Hey Charlie…Re your FB post – I’m sewing masks. My son’s soon-to-be (who knows, right?) mother in law is an oncology nurse at Mayo. She said they’re needed. She also said the head of Mayo told her they expect 75% of their staff, MD’s RN’s, etc….to get the virus. That was like getting hit in the head…. 

Hope you and Ingrid are away from the fray and happy.  Stay well. Kate

Bo Woods shares family time…

Hi Charlie! I hope you and your family are handling the pandemic successfully. I have a 12 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Cabin fever is in effect, however it’s not at an annoying level. It’s actually enhancing their humor. We are all competing to walk the dog (Charlie). The other night my wife, Jennifer organized a family video chat using, I think Zoom. I have attached the screen shot.
That’s how e’re handling it so far!

From Steve Scott…

Collin County just went to shelter-in-place status, following the lead of Dallas County. I’ve been in self-isolation since we moved back to Texas 9 years ago, so it’s not a big sacrifice. At first, it was because I hated being back here, then I found I liked the quiet!

Sherry retired the first of the year, so now I have company most all the time, and we’re trying to get a garden going…almost impossible due to the constant rain this month. Obviously, I haven’t been going out to entertain at the senior communities, but I started recording “stay at home” concerts for them on my Facebook musician page, which they then show at their places. I stopped drinking Scotch a while back, so I don’t feel the need to go to the liquor store…for now!
I’ve tried to live my life following the dictum from the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”–“The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.” This current scenario seems to fit nicely under that heading.
Stay well and all the best to you and Ingrid.
Steve Scott


Denis Ready writes…

Thanks Charlie For Once It’s Not Pics Of Food Or What Someone Did Today.. Yes We Need To Use This Tool As Info We Are Staying Home As Much As Possible I’m Sure “They’ve” Sequestered People @ Cheyanne Underground Just God Will Get Us Through As Far As My Free Time The ABC Stores Are Still Open In Virginia Haaaaa I Was On A Plane To LA Recently The Guy Next To Me Feel Asleep Even Before Takeoff (Turns Out He Was Some CEO Of A Major Health Club Franchise ) Then 4 Hours Later We Are On The Desent To LAX And He Wakes Up I Said Man How Can You Sleep Like That ? He Said ” You Can’t Worry About Things you Can’t Control “

Gary Belzman saus, “It aint easy…”

Thank goodness for Xanax. I have an abundance of “Anxiety.”

And so it goes.

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